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1 IRELAND-OBITS > 2005-10 > 1129917168 Source (S341)
2 "A brother to H.J. Gallagher, merchant of Eganville." Gallagher, Edward James (I857)
3 "a été interré à Arnprior le corps de James Cunningham" (was buried at Arnprior the body of James Cunningham) Cunningham, James (I3017)
4 "a l'âge de trois mois" (at age three months) Cunningham, Mary (I3018)
5 "after three Publications at the Parochial Mass at Bytown, John Kelly of the Township of March, to Mary Hourigan of the same place" Family (F16)
6 "aged 12 years & 6 months (born Jan 30)" Judge, Emily Elizabeth (I5075)
7 "aged 12 years & 6 months (born Jan 30)" Judge, Nina Jane (I5074)
8 "aged 17" Connelly, James (I3595)
9 "aged 3 years 6 months" Kelly, Rose Anna (I3559)
10 "aged 3 years" Fowler, Robert (I4492)
11 "aged 3 years" Judge, Rose (I5060)
12 "aged 7 years & some days (born 11th July)" Judge, Laura Mary (I5076)
13 "aged four months" at baptism Leavy, John James (I2428)
14 "aged four weeks" Doyle, John (I5025)
15 "aged seven years" Cleary, John Lawrence (I2421)
16 "aged three weeks" McGarry, Margaret (I2554)
17 "agée de quarante huit ans" [aged forty-eight years] O'Hanlon, Anne (I1394)
18 "Anna Kelin, fille majeure de Denys Kelin et de Marie Hern de township de March, et ... domiciliée à Clarendon" Family (F1046)
19 "at the age of eighty five years" Somerville, Thomas (I3335)
20 "Baptized at Con [Concession] Eleven" Lavallee, Francis (I3959)
21 "baptized conditionally Mary Frances Kathleen born on the twenty-fourth day of February of the lawful marriage of William Patrick Burke and Mary Frances Kelly, and privately baptized by Mrs Michael Burke on the same day" Burke, Mary Frances Kathleen (I4905)
22 "baptized Peter aged one year, born of the protestant marriage of Pat Leavey and Elisabeth Bar" Leavy, Peter (I2233)
23 "between John McFarland of this Mission (born in North Crosby, Ont), son of age (40) of Edward McFarland & Anne McGuire, Co. Armagh Irld, on the one part, and Anne Galligan (born in Co. Cavan Irld), daughter of age of Patrick Galligan and Mary Cullen, on the other part"  Family (F532)
24 "born at St Michl's" Donahue, Patrick (I3172)
25 "Brigida ex Thomas Benton & Catha Dwyer de Cutteen" Benton, Bridget (I243)
26 "buried in the C. [Catholic] burying ground" Hughes, Michael (I3995)
27 "came to Canada in June 1842 with his parents and family of five sisters and 2 brothers, all of whom are dead with the exception of Hugh G of Sebastopol and Mrs William Nelan of Wisconsin" Gallagher, Michael (I4717)
28 "Cerebral softening: A localized softening of the brain substance, due to hemorrhage or inflammation. Three varieties, distinguished by their color and representing different stages of the morbid process, are known respectively as red, yellow, and white, softening. [Webster]" Moran, Denis (I2345)
29 "Church of all Saints" Family (F1855)
30 "daughter of Peter Doyle and Elizabeth Moran of the 5th Line of Drummond" Family (F748)
31 "décédé à l'age du douze ans" (died at the age of twelve years") Cahill, James Elijah (I748)
32 "décédé à l'age du quartorze ans" (died at the age of 14 years) Cahill, Anne (I747)
33 "décedé à North Bay" Donahue, John (I3176)
34 "décédée la veille" (died the night before) Cahill, Henrietta (I751)
35 "died at Bytown on the twenty sixth inst. age two years" Bolton, Grace (I3608)
36 "died at the age of ninety four years, four months and six days" Daley, Mary (I3309)
37 "died suddenly at her abode at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Stanton" Hogan, Mary (I1109)
38 "Discovered" by Canadian folklorist Edith Fowke in late 1950s. Recorded many songs for her at the Canadian Museum of Man. Apparently learned some of his songs from Dan Lahey. Sang with Pete Seeger at 1960 Newport Folk Festival.  Abbott, Oliver John (I2100)
39 "dispensation of mixed religion," also "dispensation of forbidden time [for marriage]," and "with the consent of the father and mother of the said Ellen McGonigal" (Ellen McGonial not a daughter minor, so presumably consent for marriage to non-Catholic?) Family (F792)
40 "Eavens Derouin of Leslie son minor of Louis Derouin and Celestine Dunn...and Flora Gauthier of Leslie daughter minor of the late Theophile Gauthier and Maggie Lyne" Family (F1414)
41 "Feb 11. Married, after one proclamation, James Leahy to Ann Armstrong, spinster, in presence of Patrick Quin and Catherine Armstrong" Family (F9)
42 "fils legitime de George Vallely et Mary Mele de Bristol" Vallely, Joseph (I2591)
43 "Given in marriage by her uncle, Mr Denis Lahey of Buckingham,
Que., the bride was unattended...Mr. Alan Moran, brother-in-law of the bride, was best man." 
Family (F510)
44 "Haevens Derouin veuf de Florence Florida Paquette fille mineure de Francois Paquette et Georgina St Aubin" Family (F1415)
45 "Henry Bennett of Stephen Bennett and Kelly of the parish of Creg [Creggan?] Co Armagh Ireland"
"Mary Ryan daughter to Andrew Ryan and Mary Loughran of the Parish of Drumantee [Dromintee] Co Armagh Ireland" 
Family (F1837)
46 "Honora ex Patricio Breen & Maria Benton de Knockvela" Breen, Honora (I5353)
47 "I the undersigned priest have baptized Mary, aged three years, born of the protestant marriage of William Harvey and Catherine Fahy [Farry]" Harvey, Mary (I2445)
48 "I the undersigned priest have baptized Matthew aged one year born of the protestant marriage of William Harvey and Catherine Farry" Harvey, Matthew (I2449)
49 "I the undersigned priest have baptized Peter aged ten months born of the protestant marriage of William Harvey and Cathrine Farry" Harvey, Peter (I2448)
50 "I the undersigned Priest have baptized Wm aged four months, born of the protestant marriage of William Harvy and Cathrine Fary" Harvey, William (I2446)

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