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501 John Gallagher married Mary Lavelle as a widower. Family F905
502 John Hanlon signs the register O'Hanlon, Anne (I3902)
503 John Lahey's Will. Written 21 December 1853; registered 17 January 1859.

A memorial to be registered of a will made in the words and figures following that is today. In the name of God Amen.

I John Lahey the Elder of the township of March, County of Carleton, and the Province of Canada, Yeoman, being of sound mind, memory and understanding but sick and weak of body, do hereby publish and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former will or wills, that I may have hereto have made.

In the first place I nominate, constitute, and appoint George Morgan the Elder and Thomas Horrigan, both of the aforesaid Township of March Yeoman Executors of this my will. I direct that all my past debts funeral and testamentary expenses be fully paid with all convenient speed after my decease, and I subject, in the first place, my personal estate, and if the same should be insufficient, my real estate for the payment.

Therefore I give and bequeath unto my brother James and after his decease to his heirs all that parcel or track of land and premises, being composed of South East half of lot number fourteen on the third concession of the aforesaid Township of March, containing one hundred acres of land more or less, reserving to the Roman Catholic Church the two acres of land of said lot upon which the chapel now stands, together with all houses outhouses, barns stables, that are now erected and built or that may be hereafter erected and built by my said brother James, his heirs or any of them. He shall at no time sell or mortgage the said land hereby so devised. And I give unto him all stock, farming utensils that I may stand possessed of at the time of my decease and all my chattles and personal property.

In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament written on two sides of a paper to the first side at the bottom therefore affixed my name and to the last my name and seal this twenty first day of December Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Three. 
Lahey, John (I80)
504 John Sloan a widower in 1871 census Cunningham, Margaret (I3026)
505 John Vallelly of "township of Bristol" (Pontiac Co., Quebec). Mary Coyle listed as "widowed daughter of age of Michael Coyle and Margaret Dolin of this mission." Name of first husband not given. Family F420
506 John Vallillee swore a statement promising to give his wife Mary McCormick full liberty to exercise her RC faith and to raise the children Catholic. Family F978
507 Kept boarders for a dollar a day (conversation with Agnes O'Neill). Burke, Mary Margaret Alvira (I681)
508 Killed by his brother-in-law James Lahey Lahey, Daniel (I98)
509 Killed his brother-in-law Michael Hourigan, Good Friday, 9 April 1841, in a dispute over the custody of Kelly's two-year old daughter Anna Kelly. Kelly, John (I76)
510 Killed in Second Battle of Ypres Carr, Frederick George (I5296)
511 Killed, Good Friday, 9 April 1841, by his brother-in-law John Kelly. Hourigan, Michael (I72)
512 Known as "Little Mary" Donovan. Raised in the household of her grandmother Mary Murphy and Mary Murphy's second husband James Traynor. Donovan, Mary (I996)
513 Known as Dot Coleman. I remember her coming to Aunt Roey's wake. Finnerty, Mary Teresa (I933)
514 Known as John Delaney Delaney, Michael John (I4194)
515 Land passes to Arthur McGlade in 1874 (see Griffiths Valuation Revision Books at PRONI) McKinley, Elizabeth (I952)
516 Length of residence in North Bay: 1 month Donahue, John (I3176)
517 Listed as "Deaf and Dumb" and "Unsound of Mind" in 1891 census Donahue, Sarah (I3173)
518 Listed as "orphan" in the household of Margaret Lahey in the 1881 census. Killeen, Bridget Loretto (I31)
519 Listed as a widow in the civil registration of her marriage to John Moran, but this is probably a mistake. No mention of a first husband in RC marriage record. Tierney, Margaret Mary (I142)
520 Listed as age 18 at time of military enlistment (1804) Killeen, Denis (I135)
521 Listed as age 3 in 1851 census Armstrong, Jonathan (I1808)
522 Listed as Kathleen McCarthy on Ontario civil marriage record McCarthy, Mary Catherine (I2249)
523 Listed in 1871 census as Felix Harreshaw, 36 years old, birthplace Ontario, religion Roman Catholic, ethnic origin French, occupation blacksmith, residence Perth Town. Henrichon, Felix (I954)
524 Listed in the Muster Roll of the Volunteer Left Flank Company Commanded by Capt. Horace Pinhey, 2nd Carleton Militia, Township of March, 4th June, 1841: Pat Killun, age 20. Killeen, Patrick (I125)
525 Lived with his sister Rose, called himself "the Potato King." Dad remembers visiting them as a kid. Related to the Laheys somehow? Fitzsimmons, William Emmett (I3076)
526 Living with mother and siblings in 1851 census of March Killeen, William (I646)
527 Lot No. 3, 3rd Con. Galligan, Margaret Ellen (I2323)
528 Louis Derouin a widower in 1881 census, living with widowed mother Esther Robillard and brothers Baptiste and Joseph. Lins, Domithilde (I2630)
529 Louis St Jean and Rose May Derouin were second cousins, through the Robillard line. Family F853
530 Lucie Derouin marries as "fille mineure," having obtained the consent of her father ("consentement paternel"). Family F419
531 M. Elizabeth McCarthy against Jeremiah L. McCarthy Family F696
532 Made a will 24 May 1850. Died before the 1851 census enumeration. Killeen, Denis (I135)
533 Maiden name might be Harmon, with first husband a Banford? Banford, Alma E. (I5401)
534 Margaret Cahill a widow in 1891 census, living with son Denis Galligan, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Tierney, and children Ann (44) and Michael (30). Galligan, Denis (I1239)
535 Margaret Donahue marries as "fille mineure de defunct Michael Donohoe et de Anne Killin" Family F1048
536 Margaret Jane Killeen was the goddaughter of one Mary Somerville (possibly Mary McDonnell, wife of Anthony Somerville) and the godmother of another Mary Somerville (Mary Somerville, daughter of Thomas Somerville and Elizabeth Lyttle). Killeen, Margaret Jane (I37)
537 Marie Madeleine Meloche signed the register. Family F843
538 Marriage blessed at Notre Dame de Grace, Hull, 7 Aug 1887 Family F1428
539 Marriage partners given as Bernard Caffney and Catherine Killihan in the actual record, but indexed as Bernard Caffney and Catherine Killeen. Catherine Killeen listed as daughter of Dennis Killeen and Mary Green. Family F365
540 Marriage record for John Bain and Mary Moils, residence McNab, 14 Feb 1842. Witnesses: John Fisher and John Campbell. Rev. Alexander M[anin?], Presbyterian Minister. Family F825
541 Marriage record for son Dennis Joseph Cavanaugh (to Mary Ethel Barnes, 8 Sep 1926) lists birthplace of bridegroom's father as Co. Kildare, Ireland. Cavanaugh, Patrick (I1911)
542 Marriage record lists origins as "Parish of Mount Newton Co. Meath" McGinnis, Margaret (I995)
543 Marriage record says she is from Limerick. However, 1881, 1901 and 1911 census records list places of birth as US. Ryan, Hannah (I1802)
544 Marriage record: "du Comte de Typpray [Tipperary] (Ireland)".  Donahue, Michael (I3169)
545 Married "at John Robinson's, Bathurst." Both bride and groom listed as Roman Catholic, but married by "Samuel B. Phillips, minister" (apparently a Methodist minister). Family F1118
546 Married by Fr. Lavin Family F393
547 Married by Presbyterian minister Family F914
548 Married by the Rev. George Brenner at the Anglican Manse at White Lake. Bride is listed as Church of England, bridegroom's religion is "not given." Family F757
549 Married by Wesleyan Methodist minister Family F1960
550 Married George Vallelly as the widow of someone, but the name of first husband is faded out. Moyle, Mary (I1419)

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