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551 Married in Catholic ceremony on 26 August 1892, at Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa. Family F412
Family F1962
553 Married in the United Church Family F1937
554 Marries as Sarah Emma Dean. Becomes known as Mary Emma Dean. Dean, Sarah Emma (I4195)
555 Marry as widower and widow. Family F1376
556 Mary Kenney marries as "fille mineure" (minor daughter) Family F473
557 Mary Loughnam described as "daughter minor." James Fahey could not sign ("James Fahy his mark"), but Mary Loughnam and John Killeen signed the register. The name of the other witness not provided. Family F665
558 Mary Somerville presumably Mary McDonnell, wife of Anthony Somerville Killeen, Margaret Jane (I37)
559 Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Fatima Church, 18 March 2013. Pallbearers Paul W., James W., David G., Michael B., Mark B., and Benjamin B. Moran, John Alexander (I4)
560 Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Fatima Church, 28 Dec 2012. Pallbearers: Paul W., James W., Michael B., Michael C., Tommy K., and David G. McGlade, Catherine Frances (I5)
561 Matthew Daly of Huntley, to Ellen Keilline [Killeen] of March Family F1086
562 May be the Bridget Lahey who subscribed to the Catholic Total Abstinence Society of Richmond (1 May 1842). Lahey, Bridget (I99)
563 McCabe List #356

Signed (signature, not X mark) the McCabe List, presumably out of sympathy for the other petitioners, because he did not ask for assistance for any relations in Ireland. Reported that his relations were all in Canada. 
Armstrong, Joseph (I853)
564 McCabe List #53 Lahey, John (I80)
565 McCabe List gives birth place as Killane, Annagh, Cavan. Possibly Callanagh, Annagh, Cavan. Armstrong, Joseph (I853)
566 Methodist clergyman (W.E. Baker); both parties listed as Anglican. Family F944
567 Michael also has a daughter Mary, aged 18 in the 1821 census (born about 1803). Is she daughter of Michael McGlade and his wife Anne [maiden name unknown]? Or the daughter from a previous marriage? Family F1968
568 Michael Galligan signs the register. Family F364
569 Michael Galligan's burial record (20 May 1891) describes him as "widower of Elizabeth Jordan." Jordan, Elizabeth (I1237)
570 Michael McGlade marries as a widower. Family F1115
571 Michael Smith marries as widower Family F1938
572 Middle name either Charles or Shirley Cahill, William Shirley (I3162)
573 MORAN, Miss Henrietta, l [lodger] 128 Henderson av

At 128 Henderson:
[p 92]: McMULLEN, John
[p. 573]: McMullin, John, police, h 128 Henderson av 
Moran, Henrietta (I873)
574 Mother given as "Ann Levi Moran" Sullivan, Thomas Leonard (I1068)
575 Mrs Somerville presumably Mary McDonnell, wife of Anthony Somerville Daley, Mary (I3309)
576 Name also recorded as Bernard McGlade McGlade, Bryan (I5486)
577 Name given as John McDonald in Honora [McDonald] McCarthy's Ontario civil death registration (April 1914). McDonald, Patrick (I966)
578 Name given as Michel (Michael) Donahoe in the margin of his burial record. Donahue, Michael (I3203)
579 Neighbours Thos. Lewis, Farmer, age 50, and wife Margaret, born Ireland, age 57, English Church. Family F1867
580 Never married. Fahey, John (I2212)
581 Never married. Mahoney, Mary Jane (I976)
582 Never married. Died intestate (without a will). His heirs were his four surviving sisters and one surviving brother: Marcella, wife of John Hogan; Henrietta, spinster; Margaret, widow of Arsene Charlebois; Elizabeth, wife of Peter Doyle; and Alexander Michael, husband of Mary Leavy. Alexander Michael Moran died a week after brother Thomas, leaving the four Moran sisters as Thomas Moran's heirs. The four sisters renounced all right and title to his estate in favour of the Toronto General Trust Company. Moran, Thomas (I45)
583 Never married. Ended up at state asylum for the "legally insane" in Minnesota, where he died. Finnerty, James (I1387)
584 Never married. He was committed to the Fergus Falls State Hospital for the Insane, where he died in 1941. Finnerty, Peter (I1671)
585 Never married. Left his farm to his sister Margaret Hourigan, wife of Hugh Lunney. Hourigan, Thomas Napoleon (I69)
586 Never married. Lived with brother Denis (also single). Hogan, Patrick (I2148)
587 Never married. Lived with brother Patrick (also single). Hogan, Dennis (I2147)
588 Never married. Buried as "John Shirley, bachelor" Shirley, John (I3284)
589 North Dakota death certificate lists date of birth as April 19, with year left blank. Moran, Anna Lillian (I22)
590 Not documented. Source (S295)
591 Not found in 1851 census. Burke, Mary Ann (I1691)
592 Not found in 1861 census of Fitzroy. Did he die or move elsewhere between 1852 and 1861? Galligan, John (I677)
593 Not found in 1901 census Hazelton, Josiah Henry (I2117)
594 Not found in 1901 census. Derouin, Roseann (I2670)
595 Not found in the Canadian records after 1861 census of Pakenham. 1870 federal US census for New York, Franklin, Malone lists a Bridget Mooney, age 23, born in Canada, working as domestic servant in the household of Henry A. Paddock. Mooney, Bridget (I2403)
596 Not found with father and siblings in 1861 census Dunne, Bridget (I4881)
597 Not in parents' household in 1842 census. Did he go to Pakenham? Ontario probate court records: James Morin (the Younger), Pakenham township, Yeoman, record filed 23 December 1851 (MS638, Reel 60).  Moran, James (I46)
598 Notarized registration of birth, 28 April 1888, Catherine [Fahey] Clarey testifies (not in her own writing): "I am the mother of the aforesaid...The child was not expected to live at time of birth and was Christened in the house. The doctor neglected to register the birth." Clarey, Ernest Joseph Michael (I2198)
599 Notice of illness Lavallee, Joseph (I1642)
600 Notre Dame Cemetery? Gaffney, Emma (I566)

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