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John English

Who was John English? And was he English, Irish, or French? Who was John English?
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Sisters of William Joseph Madden?

According to an obituary in The Daily Times (Davenport, Iowa), William Joseph Madden was survived by two sisters: a Mrs. Barker of Philadelphia, and another sister in Washington, D.C. Presumably these were his half-sisters? Daughters of Michael Madden? or of Mary Scanlon?
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Who was Sarah Moran?

Anna Moran was born at Huntley township, Carleton Co., Ontario on 11 June 1834, the daughter of James Moran and Margaret Jamieson. She was baptized 11 January 1835, with Martin Manion and Sarah Moran serving as godparents. Who was Sarah Moran, and what was her relationship to James Moran?
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