St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Finner, Bridget Teresa  2 Jun 1888St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I1848 Moran 
2 Finner, Isabella  26 Aug 1885St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I2298 Moran 
3 Finner, John Edward  22 Aug 1894St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I2426 Moran 
4 Finner, Mary Ann  26 Aug 1885St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I1843 Moran 
5 Finner, Patrick Alfred  18 Aug 1897St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I1854 Moran 
6 Finner, Sylvester Denis  7 Jul 1900St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I2299 Moran 
7 Galligan, Bridget  11 Feb 1871St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I1753 Moran 
8 Galligan, Bridget  11 Feb 1871St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I863 Moran 
9 Galligan, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1871St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I2344 Moran 
10 Galligan, Michael  25 Aug 1880St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I888 Moran 
11 Galligan, Thomas Daniel  11 Feb 1871St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I1293 Moran 
12 Killeen, Bridget Loreto  14 Feb 1873St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I31 Moran 
13 Killeen, Mary Ann  11 Feb 1871St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I691 Moran 
14 Leavy, John  5 Aug 1880St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I721 Moran 
15 Lunney, Hugh Edward  7 Jul 1900St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I685 Moran 
16 Lunney, James Joseph  24 Jul 1903St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I686 Moran 
17 Lunney, Margaret Alphonsine  24 Jul 1903St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I687 Moran 
18 Lunney, Thomas Bernard  7 Jul 1900St. Peter Celestine, Pakenham I672 Moran 

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