Ontario, Canada



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Vezina, Evelyn  Oct 1867Ontario, Canada I5005
2 Traynor, John  Jun 1837Ontario, Canada I1384
3 Traynor, George  1863Ontario, Canada I2234
4 Tracey, Edward  1846Ontario, Canada I142
5 Thompson, John  About 1842Ontario, Canada I4806
6 Sullivan, Morty  1865Ontario, Canada I2703
7 Sheehan, Julia Ann  About 1827Ontario, Canada I13
8 O'Meara, Bridget  About 1840Ontario, Canada I2941
9 O'Brien, Amelia  12 Apr 1855Ontario, Canada I3733
10 Nugent, Eliza Jane  26 Nov 1828Ontario, Canada I3694
11 Morgan, Mary  26 Oct 1825Ontario, Canada I1900
12 McDonnell, Jessie  6 Nov 1850Ontario, Canada I3850
13 Larivee, Dormenia  27 Jan 1845Ontario, Canada I5304
14 Kennedy, Ranald  1859Ontario, Canada I5604
15 Kennedy, Catherine  About 1846Ontario, Canada I5337
16 Judge, Emily  About 1872Ontario, Canada I5053
17 Hazelton, Josiah  1846Ontario, Canada I1620
18 Goulet, Athanasius  Apr 1866Ontario, Canada I5006
19 Friel, Mary  About 1846Ontario, Canada I5413
20 Farry, John  29 May 1843Ontario, Canada I2497
21 Fahey, William  29 Jul 1867Ontario, Canada I2921
22 Fahey, Thomas H.  1851Ontario, Canada I2920
23 Fahey, Theresa  19 Jan 1863Ontario, Canada I2932
24 Fahey, Nicholas  About 1846Ontario, Canada I3847
25 Fahey, John A.  1856Ontario, Canada I2919
26 Fahey, Anna  1864Ontario, Canada I2923
27 Evans, Frances M.  1871Ontario, Canada I3736
28 Dwyer, Mary  About 1847Ontario, Canada I5343
29 Dwyer, John  About 1851Ontario, Canada I5345
30 Dwyer, Ellen  About 1852Ontario, Canada I5346
31 Dwyer, Cornelius  About 1854Ontario, Canada I5347
32 Cavanagh, William  1832Ontario, Canada I2529
33 Cavanagh, Hugh  1834Ontario, Canada I2861
34 Cavanagh, Anne  1830Ontario, Canada I2531
35 Brazeau, Joseph Henry  1877Ontario, Canada I2691
36 Benton, Thomas A.  25 Jul 1859Ontario, Canada I57
37 Benton, Hanora Agnes  08 Nov 1873Ontario, Canada I61
38 Benton, Catherine  23 Jan 1857Ontario, Canada I1385
39 Bennett, Elizabeth  Mar 1852Ontario, Canada I5072
40 Barr, Elizabeth  1837Ontario, Canada I1530
41 Barnes, Peter  About 1850Ontario, Canada I648
42 Arkinson, George  About 1867Ontario, Canada I5305
43 Anderson, Janet Gilmour  About 1838Ontario, Canada I2380
44 Honora  About 1859Ontario, Canada I5599


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Russell, Bridget  Before 1881Ontario, Canada I1873
2 McGinnis, Margaret  Before 1853Ontario, Canada I995
3 Manion, Martin  Ontario, Canada I3218
4 Mahoney, John  Before 1864Ontario, Canada I1872
5 Leavy, Jane  31 July 1934Ontario, Canada I724
6 Finlon, Mary  Ontario, Canada I5066