Co. Tipperary, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coyle, Thomas  Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3387
2 Dea, Rachel  Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2187
3 Fitzpatrick, Anne  Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3384
4 Lahey, John  Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3383
5 McNamara, Catherine  Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3262
6 Wellworth, Anne  Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3388
7 Hodgins, Thomas  About 1778Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2927
8 Quinn, Patrick  circa 1780Co. Tipperary, Ireland I94
9 Hogan, Denis  1781Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1532
10 Fahey, John  1786Co. Tipperary, Ireland I105
11 Mary Ann  About 1787Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2928
12 McDonnell, Mary  About 1790Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3339
13 Dwyer, Ellen  1791Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1398
14 O'Neil, John  1791Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1397
15 Benton, William  About 1800Co. Tipperary, Ireland I5358
16 Dwyer, Johanna  1800Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3497
17 Ryan, William  About 1801Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3496
18 Donahue, Michael  About 1806Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3169
19 Hodgins, Rebecca  About 1808Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2522
20 O'Neil, Francis  1809Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1375
21 Ryan, Michael  About 1810Co. Tipperary, Ireland I63
22 Lochnan, Simon  About 1811Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2158
23 Moran, Peter  About 1818Co. Tipperary, Ireland I4006
24 O'Connor, Catherine  About 1819Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2054
25 Coyle, William  About 1820Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3386
26 O'Neil, Daniel  1821Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1399
27 Purcell, Anne  About 1822Co. Tipperary, Ireland I4007
28 Hourigan, Patrick  abt. 1824Co. Tipperary, Ireland I74
29 Hogan, Matthew  1825Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1577
30 Lahey, Anne  About 1825Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3385
31 O'Neil, Henry Edmond  About 1825Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1154
32 O'Neil, James  1826Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1318
33 O'Neil, William  1831Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1400
34 O'Neil, Mary  1833Co. Tipperary, Ireland I764
35 O'Neil, Anne  1839Co. Tipperary, Ireland I1732
36 O'Neil, Ellen  1840Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2899
37 O'Neil, Julia  1841Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2900
38 Moran, Hannah  25 Mar 1842Co. Tipperary, Ireland I2501
39 Ryan, William  Oct 1845Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3499
40 Dwyer, Margaret  About 1846Co. Tipperary, Ireland I5344


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lahey / Fitzpatrick  Co. Tipperary, Ireland F1110